Our Board and Donors


Just as writers are dependent on words, Wordsville, Inc. is dependent on individuals and foundations whose generous support allows Spoken Interludes Next to make a difference in so many lives.

Spoken Interludes is a non-profit 501(c)3 arts organization. All donations are fully tax-deductible. Our federal tax id number is 95-48-29853. If you would like to be part of our Community of Donors, fully tax-deductible contributions may be made through Pay Pal.



You will receive a letter confirming your tax-deductible contribution from us within two weeks of our receiving your donation.
Thank you for your kind support.

Benefactors ($5,000 +): Hieronymus Charities
Founders($1000. – $4999.): Diana & Henry Asher, Delina Cody & Marc Barrachin,  Pat & Robert Crais, Elizabeth Nell Dubus, Laura Gant Lilienfield, The Gant Family Foundation National Basketball Association thanks to Kathy Behrens,  Poets & Writers, Inc. through a grant from the James Irvine Foundation, St. Barnabas Episcopalian Church Charitable Foundation
Patrons($500. – $999.): Dan Le Roy & Randy Herrera, Jennifer Kasoff, Warren Leight
Partners($250. – $499.): Robert Murray, Ray Simmons, Susan Ades Stone
Angels ($100. – $249.): Carol Accetta, Andrew Blauner, Janice Burkett, Anna Cooper, Ivette Estrada, Jessica Ewing, Ruth Obernbreit Glass, Carol Keller Gutman, Anne & Steve Halliwell, Margaret Harris, Elizabeth Hobson, Jane Horne, Rosemary King, Donna MacCrae, Rosemanne Campo Melucci, Barbara and Norman Meltz – in memory of Deborah Jurkowitz, Amy Nielson, Karen Kushner and Mark Starr – in memory of Deborah Jurkowitz,  Colleen Reilly/Bookwalkers, Patty Thoma, Al Watt/Writers Tribe, Marion Wolk, Barbara Wright
Friends($5. – $99.): Ronnie and Mike Aronow – in memory of Deborah Jurkowitz, Emily Coffman – in memory of Deborah Jurkowitz, Julia Downes, Marissa Eller, Giovanna Fiorino-Iannace, Beverly Grasso, Roni Beth Tower & David Griff, John Laster – in memory of Deborah Jurkowitz, Janine Mayhew, Laura Seaman, Harriet Tetley – in memory of Deborah Jurkowitz,  Joseph Wallace,  Lisa Westerfield


Board Members

Executive Commitee:

  • Dan Le Roy – Residential Interior Designer, artist and avid athlete in Los Angeles.
  • DeLauné Michel – Award-winning Writer & Producer of Spoken Interludes
  • Peter S. Sloane – Partner, Leason Ellis LLP
  • Advisors to the Board:
  • Jane Putch – President of Eyebait Licensing, Management & Literary
  • Jonathan A. Siegel – Attorney-at-Law


“Every now and then, I meet someone through this business of writing who makes me feel amazement at my luck in having some excuse to have our paths cross, DeLauné is one of those people. I so admire her dedication and willingness to work to make the world a better place through Spoken Interludes.”
Jan Burke, award-winning, best-selling writer

Thank you to H & H Photographers for handling all
photography and video of our events.



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