Student Poem

Student Poem

Special thanks and gratitude to the makers and creators of Spoken Interludes

So thank you very much, for all y’all educational touch, hope, and support.
If I didn’t have all these things from y’all, to make me feel strongly bold, and tall, I’d probably crumble down like an old rotten fort, and most likely end back up in court.

Thanks for being good sports.

Y’all gave me the extra push that I needed to succeed.
So I exhaled, the thought and opportunity of fail, and ending up in a higher status of jail.

And inhaled to breath in’ the chances and hopes that I can possibly win’ without negative sin.

Not win because I’m the best in the contest, even though I do wish I could, is what I must confess.

But to manifest the rest, which is y’all trust, so I can freely flow and verbally bust, because I don’t like keeping quiet inside the of word “hush.”

And to win y’all hearts, with a little bit of a mental shot of a shock, that’ll give you a jump start, from an electrical physiological voltage that’s completely off the charts.

I’ve already known I’m street smart, but y’all have made me realize I’m educationally potential all around. I knew this thought was bound to be found, I’m just happy that it finally came around, through visual sights and “vocal-tonish” sounds, to convince myself that I’m not just a clown.

Y’all fed me the confidence and self-respect, that I’m happy I didn’t stubbornly reject,
But willingly ate.
And now I’m completely straight to concentrate, and manipulate my fate to a positive state,
At a rapid, so I can create a great plate of life’s blissful steak before it’s too late.

Once again’
Thank you for being true friends, Women and men’
And to help me blend into my goals and amends, to make it a normal trend, so I can peacefully descend.

Alex Patruznick
100% pure poetry is what I spit, with no conflict.

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