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Thursday, February 27th

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One of NY’s most accomplished editors, DAN PERES, former editor-in-chief of Details, reads from his memoir, AS NEEDED FOR PAIN. “Exactly the right book at exactly the right time… As Needed for Pain must have been difficult to write; it’s difficult to read. But it’s an important book. While it’s just one man’s testimony of his journey into and through his addiction to pain killers, it’s a universal story that anyone from any background who knows the evil of opiate addiction will deeply relate to.” Augusten Burroughs

Michelin-starred chef, ILIANA REGAN, reads from her National Book Award long listed memoir, BURN THE PLACE.
“A remarkable exploration of the [memoir] form… Burn the Place is a ‘chef memoir’ only in the sense that the author turned out to be a chef. More rightly, it belongs on a shelf with the great memoirs of addiction, of gender ambivalence and queer coming-of-age, of the grand disillusionment that comes from revisiting, as a clear-eyed adult, the deceptive perfection of childhood.”— The New Yorker.

Award-winning writer and New York Magazine food critic, ADAM PLATT, reads from his memoir, THE BOOK OF EATING: ADVENTURES IN PROFESSIONAL GLUTTONY.
“…[An] entertaining and honest account of restaurant journalism, and a life worth exploring.” Booklist “A timely and delectable smorgasbord of dishes and dishing…this honest, revealing and funny book is as deeply pleasurable as the soup dumplings Platt learned to love as a boy.” New York Times Book Review “Platt delivers a generous, hilarious case for the restaurant critic’s enduring significance.” BookPage – starred review

Thursday, March 26th

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Award-winning writer, and The New York Times financial editor, DAVID ENRICH, reads from his new book, DARK TOWERS: DEUTSCHE BANK, DONALD TRUMP, AND AN EPIC TRAIL OF DESTRUCTION.
“In Dark Towers, David Enrich tells the story of how one of the world’s mightiest banks careened off the rails, threatening everything from our financial system to our democracy through its reckless entanglement with Donald Trump. Darkly fascinating and yet all too real, it’s a tale that will keep you up at night.” John Carreyrou, Pulitzer Prize winner and New York Times bestselling author of Bad Blood.

Award-winning writer, MEGHAN DAUM, reads from her new book, THE PROBLEM WITH EVERYTHING: MY JOURNEY THROUGH THE NEW CULTURE WARS, One of The New York Times 100 Notable Books of the Year.
The Problem with Everything has the brutal honesty and rawness that will leave you examining your own thoughts and beliefs about the culture we are living in today. It forces you to ask yourself the question: whose side am I really on, and why do I have to choose one? I love how this book pushes me to think harder and be smarter.”
—Chelsea Handler, author of Life Will Be the Death of Me . . . and You too!

The New York Times food editor and former restaurant critic, SAM SIFTON, reads from his new book, SEE YOU ON SUNDAY: A COOKBOOK FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS “A book to make home cooks, and those they feed, very happy indeed.”—Nigella Lawson

Thursday, April 22nd

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Award-winning, bestselling writer, JULIA PHILLIPS, reads from her debut novel, DISAPPEARING EARTH. One of The New York Time’s 10 Best Books of the Year, and A Best Book of 2019: Entertainment Weekly, The Washington Post, NPR, and Kirkus
“A superb debut—brilliant. Daring, nearly flawless. A crime jump-starts Disappearing Earth; the novel exposes the ways in which the women of Kamchatka are fragmented not only by [a] kidnapping, but by place [and] identity . . . Phillips describes the region with a cartographer’s precision and an ethnographer’s clarity, drawing an emblematic cast . . . There will be those eager to designate Disappearing Earth a thriller by focusing on the whodunit rather than what the tragedy reveals about the women in and around it. Phillips’ deep examination of loss and longing is a testament to the novel’s power.” The New York Times Book Review

Award-winning, bestselling writer, ARTHUR PHILLIPS, reads from his new novel, THE KING AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD, One of The New York Times 100 Notable Books of the Year.
“Phillips masterfully renders the period and packs the narrative with surprising twists. This clever, serpentine novel recalls the historical dramas of Hilary Mantel and the thrillers of John le Carré, and will reverberate in readers’ minds.”Publishers Weekly

Award-winning, New York Times food columnist, and podcast host, MELISSA CLARK, reads from her new book, DINNER IN FRENCH: MY RECIPES BY WAY OF FRANCE
“Melissa Clark has an extrasensory ability to divine what we want to eat and a secret knowledge of how to take a familiar dish and make it just a little more interesting. In following her lead, dinner gets more delicious and we become better cooks.” —Peter Meehan

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Produced by DeLauné Michel

All shows at
1 Warburton Ave

Hastings-On-Hudson, NY 10706

Dinner 6:00 – 7:15 pm (arrive anytime)
Generous & divine buffet catered by Chutney Masala 
Spoken Interludes 7:15 – 8:30 pm (writers read with Q&A)
Book signing 8:30 – 9:00 pm
Books sold by The Village Bookstore of Pleasantville, NY

Reservations needed

Dinner & Reading – $30.00 cash at the door.
Admission price goes to caterer and venue. Spoken Interludes makes no money from events.

Books sold by The Village Bookstore of Pleasantville, NY

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“It’s so nice to feel part of a community in the big urban sprawl we call L.A. Spoken Interludes feels very New York-ish.”
Ann Magnuson, actress/writer“What an absolutely beautiful evening! I just love it.”
Carolyn See, award-winning writer

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